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Cornerstone Counselling

I feel isolated and alone

Finding it hard to sleep

Lost all my motivation

The flashbacks are really disturbing

I feel frustrated and angry

I've started avoiding people

I worry all the time

Troubled by nightmares

Do any of these sound familiar?

Does it sometimes feel like these things will never improve?

Things can change!

There is hope!

The above are just some of the ways my clients have described the impact on their lives of traumatic or challenging life events and the often painful, emotional aftermath. Sometimes we can't even put our finger on why we feel the way we do. That's where counselling can help.


It's not always easy to admit to ourselves that we need support in dealing with these difficult thoughts and emotions. Even If we do, who can we turn to? We sometimes feel that reaching out to our family and friends is just not possible, as they may well be facing their own challenges.


That's where I can help!


I'm a BACP Accredited therapist and I offer a safe, supportive and confidential space, where through the development of a therapeutic counselling realtionship, you can explore the difficulties you're facing and we can work together to find a solution and a way forward that's right for you.

If you'd like to arrange an informal chat, please click here to submit a contact request form, give me a call on 07815156026, or drop me a line at

I look forward to hearing from you.


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